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Name and Surname Jonny Paoli
Place and date of birth Rome July 22th 1970
Nationality Italian
Marital status single
Domicilio Via Donna Olimpia, 30 00152 ROMA
Telephone 065371213
Mobile phone 3336372407
e-mail jonpao@libero.it   jonpao@hotmail.com   |page up|


I have an high-school diploma as electronic technician, obtained on the 19th of July 1989 from ITIS "Galileo Ferraris" - Via di Villa Pamphili n°71, Rome.


Degree certificate in "Industrial Design ", from the Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche" (I.S.I.A.) in Rome - Piazza della Maddalena n°7. I.S.I.A. is a government institute operating in the field of "industrial design" (graphic design too). The course was four years long, while I took thirty exams. I've got a first class degree (110/110). Discussion of thesis topic was: "Frigocamping riducibile" (Reducible camping refrigerator).


Certificate of "Disegnatore CAD industriale" (CAD for industrial design). Attended a course of industrial CAD draftsman, organized by IAL and 400 hours long. (practice:30/30; theory:28/30). Certificate of "Disegnatore CAD edile avanzato 3D" (Advanced tridimentional building CAD) . Attended an enhanced course of CAD solid shaping, organized by IAL; the course was 300 hours long.(practice:29/30; theory:30/30).


Attended a "RIELDA" company course of "solid shaping and CAD-CAM operator" (using CAD-CAM -3D Cn-Draft ver.4.3); the length of course was 80 hours. I followed a "RIELDA" company course of "camera measuring device operator" (QSEE200 FOV) and "Measure Mind" software.


Certificate of "programmatore su reti internet". Attended a course of "Internet programmer" organized by "Regione Lazio", it was 600 hours long; I've got a good mark (30/30). I took a period of training (the length was 150 hours) in a software house while I studied Java programming language.


I've got a good command skill in English language. I'm able to write and to have a good conversation in English:
2000: Attended English course from "Washington School", in Rome. It was five 60 hours long.
2001: "Università Popolare della terza età" 40 hours of English course.
2002: I've been seven months in London (from February to August). I attended an English course (level: intermediate) from "London City School" near Euston Station. It was a full-time course. I frequented it for five months while I was working in the kitchen of main office of McDonald's restaurant LTD 11-59 High Road - East Fincley-London.


"STUDIO METAIMAGO" s.r.l. Arch. Maurizio Di Puolo (Via Fracassini n°18 - 00165 Rome). Teamwork like a prototype model maker. The main work was: Scene realization for the exhibition "I Medici a Firenze" in the London Italian Academy.


"RIELDA serrature" s.r.l. Fraz. Castello di Corno -SS17 - 02013 Antrodoco (RI) Italy. I Joined in this security locks factory as mechanic designer. TASKS: Design of locks and handles, moulds designer for metal alloy. I was responsible for drawings office and in two years I made the drawings archive.


I worked as freelance designer with my VAT number. The main company I joined are:

"COMERINT" SpA a DIETSMANN COMPANY Via Paolo di Dono, 233 - 00142 Rome). I joined this company to realize start-up and shut-down proceedings for refinery. JOBS: Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams Drawings, using Corel Draw rel.8, AutoCAD rel.14 e MicroStation '95.

"COSMOPOLITAN"Inc. (9375-F Gerwig lane, Columbia- Maryland 21046-1575). Temporary post in the building site of American embassy in Rome. TASKS: As-Built drawings of Architectural, HVAC and electrical system. I used AutoCAD 14.

"GSO/engineeringB>" of Embassy of United States in Rome. Via Veneto, 119. Joint work as draftsman and graphics designer. (Project manager Mr. Giovanni Chiminiello). TASKS: change exiting chancery building drawings (AutoCAD file) into DraftMaker file.


"SOFITER"SpA (Via Mazzola n°60 - 00143 Roma). I joined this software house to develop ASP web sites and worked for six mounts. JOBS: Design and development of "inWIND" web site for the safety on the job.


"COVO" s.r.l. (Via Degli Olmetti n°3b - 00060 Formello RM). I joined this design company to engine industrial design objects. TASKS: I studied, in collaboration of factories, how to realize projects of famous industrial designers.

  1. Microsoft Office XP Pro, ( Word, Excel, Access etc.).
  2. AutoCAD from rel. 2.1 to rel. 2002 (Italian ed English) by Autodesk.
  3. CAD-CAM-3d CN-Draft rel. 4.3 by Novamacut Automazione.
  4. MicroStation '95 by Bentley.
  5. GBG Draft Maker rel. 7.0 by Cadlab.
  6. 3D-Studio MAX rel. 3.1 by Descreet.
  7. COREL DRAW! rel. 9.0.
  8. FreeHand rel. 9 by Macromedia Inc.
  9. Addobe Photoshop rel. 6
  10. Addobe Illustrator rel. 8.0
Operative systems:
  1. Microsoft Windows from rel. 3.1 to rel. XP professional.
  2. UNIX and basic knowledge of Linux.
  3. MS-DOS rel. 6.2
  4. Base of Mac OS.
  1. Macromedia Flash rel. 5.0
  2. Microsoft Frontpage 2000.
  3. Dreamweaver rel. 4 by Macromedia Inc.
  4. Microsoft Explorer 6.0 (use and setup).
Programming language
  1. HTML Programming.
  2. Actionscript for Flash 5.
  3. ASP language (Active Server Pages) to make web site whith SQL query.
  4. Base of JAVA 2, JDK ver. 1.2.2, Visual cafe by Symantec.
  5. Base of AutoLisp programming language
  6. Base of ISO standard language.
Measuring Devices
  1. Caliper.
  2. Micrometer.
  3. Comparator (analogic and digital).
  4. Jhonson cubes.
  5. Proiettore di profili "PJ300" della Mitutoyo.
  6. "QQSEE 200 FOV" Camera measuring optical device by O.G.P. inc.

I'm intressed in history, design, mechanics and engine of "Vespa" scooter by Piaggio and all Piaggio scooters production. I like to fix engines and restore old vehicles
I like to jog and to ski.